• Development of a national fire protection system and provision of support to Serbian authorities via partnerships in order to achieve the goal.
  • Active participation of Association in the drafting regulations, standards, strategies and policies for fire protection system in Serbia.
  • To inform the general public, particularly children and youth of the significance of fire prevention and of the proper behaviour and actions to be done in the event of fire, and to publicly advocate the change in our habits in regard to our conduct and actions in the event of fire and to raise awareness and quality services in the fire protection.
  • To advocate interests of the Association and its members in relation with the service users on a local, republic and international level.
  • To inform the public on the activities undertaken by entities active in area of fire protection both in the country and abroad.
  • Cooperation with domestic, foreign and international fire protection organisations.
  • Membership of SFPA in European Association;
  • Cooperation with national associations of neighbouring countries in the area of fire protection.
  • Cooperation with international certification bodies and other institutions competent for quality control;
  • Organisation of conferences, seminars and other forms of providing information and education;
  • Printing magazines and other  publications relevant for fire protection;
  • To create conditions which shall facilitate realisation of an increased number of research and development projects in the area of fire protection;
  • Preparation of criteria and guidelines for implementation of the system for testing and certifying processes and products applied in the area of fire protection.
  • Participation in the creation and preparation of criteria and guidelines for design and production of fire protection measures within the school curriculum on various levels of education, from primary to tertiary.
  • To provide expert and consulting services in the area of fire protection;
  • Formation of a network of experts in fire protection with the goal to strengthen their influence on current challenges faced by them in the area of fire protection;
  • Establishment of continuous dialogue and coordination of activities between the Association and science institutions;
  • Creation of conditions which shall allow increased participation of insurance companies in fire protection system along with launching initiatives to make insurance against fire mandatory by law for certain type of the insurance policy holders.


Education is organised with the goal to ensure preventive actions are taken and to raise the level of technical knowledge of experts in fire protection.

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Expert Committees and Expert Services under NAFP RS are comprised of the most eminent and renowned experts in science, economy and state administration.

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