SERBIAN FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION (SFPA) was established with an aim to improve and develop the fire protection system in Serbia.

SFPA is a national relevant credible institution which is authorised to mobilise all those involved in fire protection, including all relevant Serbian institutions.

Main task of this Association is to put in motion initiatives and activities in the area of fire protection which shall ensure long-lasting favourable conditions for stable functioning of the entire society.

Founders and members of the Association are renowned experts and representatives of academic public engaged in various areas of science, economy and society itself that are well-known for their efforts invested in fire protection and that have recognised in Serbian Fire Protection Association an adequate platform which will allow further concentration of expertise and more efficient joint engagement in building the fire protection system in Serbia.

Long-term goal and intention of the Association is to unite all persons, institutions and entities on the territory of Serbia who are actively engaged in corporate responsibility activities in order to facilitate fire prevention through professional work and joint efforts to improve fire protection system for the benefit of us all.


Education is organised with the goal to ensure preventive actions are taken and to raise the level of technical knowledge of experts in fire protection.

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Expert Committees and Expert Services under NAFP RS are comprised of the most eminent and renowned experts in science, economy and state administration.

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